3x Exim Ultra Clear Screen Protector for Nokia lumia 820


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EXiM® Screen Protector -Original Clear (SPOC™)

Title: 3x Exim Ultra Clear Screen Protector for Nokia lumia 820

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Description:EXiM® SPOC is the screen protector series that offers a perfect solution to protect your LCD at an affordable cost. Primarily designed for corporate and commercial use, EXiM™ SPOC has also become popular among general end-users.EXiM® SPOC for PDA / Cell Phone features the state-of-the-art silicone adhesive coating that allows extremely easy application of screen protector to your PDA / Cell Phone’s LCD screen. Bubble-free installation can be achieved with no hassle.Key Features:

  • Customized and Cut for Specified Models
  • Ultra Anti-Scratch
  • Washable and Residue-FREE
  • 97% High Clarity and 90% of Light Transmission Rate
  • UV Protection of 99%





Ultra Anti-Scratch•Enjoy stylus writing on your PDA. EXiM® has properly sheltered it for you.
EXiM® Screen Protectors could last for a long period of time without affecting its smoothness and transparency because of the stiffness of the raw material used. Anti-Scratch Coating is applied on top of the PET Film surface to further increase the durability. Different hardness of coatings are used in different types of EXiM® Screen Protectors to best meet different needs and applications.

Enjoy stylus writing on your PDA






Washable & Residue-FREE•Patented 2-layer bonding technology of PET Film & Silicone Rubber

With the high heat-withstanding bonding technology, EXiM® Screen Protectors do not compromise to leave residues in extreme weathers. Silicone Rubber Coating replaces traditional adhesive glues allowing for easy installation and making the protectors washable and reusable.

Peeling off the disposable film to reveal the silicone coating






High Clarity & Light Transmission Rate•Original Color Preservation Technology (OCPT)
EXiM® Screen Protectors are manufactured with highly purified raw materials to minimize color shifting and to preserve the LCD vivid color tones. 99% Optical Clarity is achieved in ULTRA CLEAR (SPUC™) while 90% Visible Light Transmission Rate (VLT) is set as a minimum requirement in all product ranges .

Ultimate Optical Clarity - EXiM SPUC






UV Protection•Work comfortably with your computer. EXiM® has prepared it for you.
EXiM® Screen Protectors reduce the strain of your eyes by filtering 99% of the harmful UV radiations emitted from your LCD/CRT display. This is a very important feature for Notebook and PC users who need to spend a long time operating their devices each day.

Visible Light Transmission Rate


Key Structural Differences between EXiM Screen Protector and Other Types of Screen Protector


Specifications of different types of EXiM Screen Protector
Material: Anti-Scratch PET with Silicone Rubber Coating
1. Screen Protector
2. Protective Backing
Optical Clarity: 97%
Haze: 3% – 5%
Visible Light Transmission Rate: 90%
Surface Hardness: 2H
Adhesion Mechanism: Glue-FREE;
Silicone Rubber Coating
Quantity 3 pcs per package
Type of Anti-Scratch Coating Clear
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