20.0mm 5×120 – 5×120.0mm T6061 Alloy Wheel Spacer – BMW


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Set Of 4

Centre Cone OD Size : 72.5mm
Centre Cone ID Size : 72.6mm

This Wheel Spacer Is A Hub-Centric And Wheel-Centric Match

  • Qty For 4 Pcs Only
  • Thickness – 20.0mm
  • Hub-Centric ID 72.6mm
  • Wheel-Centric OD72.5mm
  • P.C.D.  – 5×120 / 5×120

    Wheel Spacers

    What is a wheel spacer? A wheel spacer allows you to use an oversize tire and/or expand the distance between wheels on the same axle while using your existing wheels.

    Benefits of Our Custom Wheel Spacers

    • Virtually any make or model can be manufactured.
    • We use the highest quality T6061 T6 Alloy.
    • Spacers are hub-centric to vehicle And wheel-centric match.
    • Available in any thickness or diameter.
    • Any bolt pattern.
    • Custom studs for all applications, made in a variety of sizes.
    • Wheel spacers come with a Lifetime Warranty.
    • The adapters are precision machined to fit your car perfectly. No axle change is necessary. Mounting is as easy as changing a tire!
    • All of our adapter kits come with any necessary mounting hardware.

    We can manufacture wheel spacers for
    virtually any make and model.
    Beware: This is What Can Happen When You Buy Cheap Wheel Spacers
    Want to see what happens when you buy cheap, cast-aluminum wheel spacers ? See the pictures below… you get what you pay for. Many times, the ads will claim the spacers are made from billet aluminum, but they end being cast-aluminum and unable to withstand the kind of wear and tear we come to expect from durable truck and auto parts.

    Don’t be fooled by the cheap imitatations. Buy Meterial T6061-T6 billet aluminum Alloy for your vehicle.


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